"Banksy Arrested" Hoax Fools Jezebel & Others

The famous street artist Banksy was arrested, and his identity revealed...or was he?

Reports sprung up today that the famous British graffiti artist Banksy was arrested. The report revealed the identity of the anonymous artist as 39 year-old Paul William Horner from Bristol England. The report initially appeared in PRLog:

The big news appeared on Jezebel and a number of other sources, but it was soon revealed to be a hoax. Business Insider placed a call to the London police, who had supposedly arrested Banksy and held a press conference about it. The police said that Banksy had not been arrested and was still undercover. CNN and BBC, which were both cited in the PRLog story, did not have anything on their own sites about Banksy.

There's an obvious follow up question to this whole thing, and it's one we might not get an answer to for a while: did Banksy create the hoax himself?

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