Explicit Banners Greet Parents Dropping Daughters Off At College

Parents and students alike are expressing outrage after demeaning "Freshman daughter drop-off" banners were displayed near Old Dominion University campus during move-in weekend.

Parents might be reconsidering allowing their daughters to attend Old Dominion University in Virginia after seeing the offensive, inappropriate banners displayed by male students during move-in weekend.

Three banners reading, “Freshman Daughter Drop Off,” “Go Ahead And Drop Off Mom Too,” and “Rowdy And Fun, Hope Your Baby Girl Is Ready For A Good Time” were hung outside an off-campus house in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Pictures of the display were posted to social media. University administration was immediately notified and contacted the students who reside at the house.

The students removed the banners, but the damage had already been done. The photos went viral with various reactions from some who thought it was funny, but most expressing disgust and outrage.

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Since the incident took place, the university has released several statements and two YouTube videos denouncing the degrading act and attempting to restore a positive reputation for the school.

University president John R. Broderick said in a statement that he was “outraged about the offensive message directed toward women,” and noted that other students shared the same sentiments via social media.


Good morning Monarchs. President John R. Broderick sent the following letter to our campus community on Saturday. Please...

Posted by Old Dominion University on  Sunday, August 23, 2015

The university's Student Government Association added its own statement, saying, "Not only do these actions taken by a few individuals undermine the countless efforts at Old Dominion University to prevent sexual assault, they are also unwelcoming, offensive, and unacceptable."

A message from the Student Government:"An incident occurred this weekend that does not reflect the University’s...

Posted by Old Dominion University on  Saturday, August 22, 2015

People are upset about the stunt because it brings one of parents’ biggest fears to reality, the prominent presence of rape culture on college campuses. 

Some parents feel that circulating videos and apology letters isn't enough action against these kinds of "pranks." Parents are requesting serious disciplinary action be taken upon the students responsible for the banners. 

This incident occurs just after a University of Alabama sorority faced scrutiny for their recruitment video that was accused of sending a negative message to women that college life and sororities are all about partying and flaunting bikini bodies. 

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