Barbara Walters Asks Chris Christie If He's Too Fat To Be President (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview, Barbara Walters, claiming to be expressing the concerns of many voters, asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie if he's too fat to be president.

This week in dumb questions: Barbara Walters asked Governor Chris Christie if he is too fat to be president. It wasn't his girth in isolation that was a concern, rather his health. Christie, to his credit, didn't laugh or disparage Walters. He just said, "that's ridiculous."

One takeaway here: Christie's weight isn't going away anytime soon, and neither will the comments about it. It's mostly snark-fodder for his opponents, but it does mean something if Christie runs for president: he will have to choose a very safe running mate. Sarah Palin was an absurd pick for John McCain for many reasons, but none bigger than the fact that McCain was (and is) very old, and it was all to easy to imagine him passing away or needing to step down due to health problems, leaving "You Betcha" in charge.

Christie is too together to make a Palin-esque pick, but either way he will have to know that voters will seriously consider his running mate (should Christie get so far as to pick one) as someone who very much could be the unelected U.S. president.

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