This BASE Jump Off One World Trade Center Looks Insane, It’s Also Illegal


Long before 16-year-old Justin Casquejo of Weehawken climbed One World Trade Center last week; four other men had already exposed the flaws in the building’s state-of-the-art integrated security system.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office plans to charge Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell and Marco Markovich with burglary for jumping off the Freedom Tower, according to news reports.

On September 30, three parachutists took the plunge at around 3:00am while a fourth man remained on the lookout.

The men were first interrogated after being caught on surveillance cameras between the Goldman Sachs building and the Conrad Hotel. However, after the footage of the BASE jump was discovered on their GoPro cameras, they were immediately taken into custody.

The incident further demonstrates how easy it is for four men with parachutes and video-recording gadgets to get to the top of One World trade Center and then jump off it.

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Rossig’s lawyer highlighted the building’s security glitches while defending his client.

“Certainly it should be embarrassing to the city that after six months they’ve been investigating this and yet they’ve made no efforts to fix the hole in the fence to the No. 1 terror target in the world,” attorney Timothy Parlatore was quoted as saying.

The video of the stunt was posted online on Monday night and has gone viral since.

The two cases have sparked harsh criticism against lax security at the tower and the New York Police Department is practically being shamed into coming up with measures to ensure nothing of the sort happens again.

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