Kentucky Police Saves The Life of a Battered Housewife – Thanks to Facebook Selfie

Any man who is violent towards a woman is simply a brute and a coward.

Any man who is violent towards a woman is simply a brute and a coward.

Kentucky resident Donnie Stacy is one such man, but thanks to social media he will no longer have a chance to beat his wife Susann Stacy.

Susann recently posted a graphic selfie on Facebook, with a black eye and blood streaming down her face. Since her cruel husband had torn out the home phone and there was no network coverage for her cell phone, she had no choice but to post a picture with the following plea:-

“Help… Please anyone”

Fortunately, her internet connection was working fine and one of her Facebook friends contacted Leslie County Police after seeing the disturbing selfie.

When police arrived at the scene, Donnie was missing and Susann was in serious pain from her injuries, including multiple cuts in her head. Authorities disclosed later that her husband had bludgeoned her head with a gun. Donnie Stacy currently faces criminal charges of battery.

Ten years ago who would have imagined a woman being rescued from a savage man through a simple picture? In this case, the social network was definitely a blessing in disguise. One should use it wisely and as per the situation.

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