Are North Korean Television Audiences About Witness A Miracle?

The hermit state with limited exposure to international shows is in for a treat, courtesy BBC.

BBCs Offer to North Korea

This is big news.

Rumor has it that BBC might be winning some television airtime in none other than – wait for it – North Korea.

The fact that BBC has managed to woo a government which takes pride in keeping its people in the dark is truly something. After all, the Korean dictatorship is often likened to a Stalinist regime. The possibility that either Top Gear, Teletubbies or Doctor Who might be shown on North Korean television will serve as a breath of fresh air for the terribly sheltered audience.

The BBC has apparently been corresponding with Korean Central Television - the state owned broadcaster in North Korea – since last year and the negotiations seem to be headed somewhere.

This state owned cable is on for only six and a half hours every night. One third of the screen time is exhausted admiring the government; whereas another third encourages workers to work harder for the affection of their dear Leader Kim Jong-Un.

The North Korean government actively censors and filters what comes on TV.

It is highly likely that if Korean Central Television goes ahead with this, the content will be heavily edited and censored wherever deemed necessary. Of course, at least a third of all screen will probably still be used for propaganda and to highlight the brilliant leadership of Kim Jong-Un.

The BBC is being wise and not commenting on this "until or unless an agreement is concluded".

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