Bears Die From Chocolate Overdose

Four bears who died last year in New Hampshire overdosed on chocolate.

Bears die of chocolate overdose

Scientists have now learned that the cause of death of four bears found last year in New Hampshire was from too much chocolate which was used as bait.

Bears are one of many animals that cannot eat chocolate. Chocolate contains a chemical compound known as theobromine which can be fatal. When the level of the chemical consumed is too high, bears will die a slow and painful death, consisting of awful illnesses ranging from vomiting, seizures, to heart failure.

Wildlife biologist Andrew Timmins and his team at the New Hampshire Fish and Game department released their findings after a necropsy at the University of New Hampshire revealed what had happened to two adult female bears and two cubs that were found dead. 

A hunter had used 90 pounds of chocolate as bait to capture the bears, which were found last September dead 50 feet away from where the chocolate was placed.

Since trapping bears is illegal in this state, baiting the bears with this deadly food is another way to trap them which is not illegal. Hunting is allowed because it helps to keep the bear population down, which is now at 5,700 in New Hampshire. 

Unfortunately, death by chocolate is very painful for these animals, and hopefully Timmins and his team will do something to push for stricter regulations regarding the baiting of bears. 

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