Love Letter Found Among Refugees Illustrates Our Shared Humanity

A beautiful letter discovered among incoming Syrian refugees is an emotional and necessary indication of the bond we all share.

love letter, syrian refugees

Journalist Lynsey Addario recently discovered a wonderful, lost love letter in Siciliy where she was photographing a ship of refugees arriving in the island. After all the migrants exited the ship, Addario spotted the small letter on the pavement.

She roughly translated the Arabic to mean “Rana, I wanted to be with you. Don't forget me. I love you very much. My wish is for you not to forget me. Be well my love. A loves R. I love you."

With the ongoing verbal assault against refugees coming from a myriad of politicians and fearful individuals, a letter such as this serves as a poignant reminder of the real humanity we share with these refugees, and the fact that it is our humanitarian duty to help them in this time of crisis.

This is a sentiment Addario offers as well: “Refugees are not terrorists; they are fleeing violence at home. There are over four million Syrian refugees. Welcome them.”

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Haeferl

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