Techie Inmates Use a Drone To Smuggle Drugs, Weapons Into Prison

We bet drone makers didn't think their creation would one day be used for this.


With drone technology now running so rampant, it was only a matter of time for even the bad guys to get in on the fun. And they nearly did at a British high-security prison.

A drone carrier was apparently used to smuggle drugs and weapons into HM Prison Bedford in Bedfordshire, England, but fortunately, it couldn't make it to its intended delivery point, thanks to the razor wires on the walls. Perhaps, the prisoners' accomplice on the outside should've taken lessons on how to properly maneuver the pilotless flying vehicle.

The exact contents of the delivery were identified as drugs, mobile phones, screwdrivers and a knife. The delivery attempt – first of its kind – was made at night and the prison staff had no idea that a UAV was entering its premises. In fact, they only noticed it when the drone was found tangled up in the mounted fence the next morning.

The idea was to get the drone close to a prison cell's window so the package could be received by an inmate. But low visibility and the controller's poor maneuvering likely caused the drone's downfall.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: "We were called to reports that a small drone had been discovered alongside a package at HMP Bedford at 11.30 p.m. on March 6. Both the device and the contents of the package are currently being examined and investigations are ongoing."

In the past few years, drone technology has transitioned from being an expensive military tool to an everyday, affordable toy. That, coupled with a lack of proper legislature, has made UAVs a headache for law enforcement agencies the world over. 

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