Being Mendela: Reality Show On Mandela's Family (Video)

Two of Nelson Mandela's granddaughters document their lives for a new show titled "Being Mandela." In this show the granddaughters will be giving audiences a rare view inside their family.

Sisters Zaziwe and Swati, daughters of Mandela's offspring Zenani say the best way to describe the show is 'family fun.'

"It's very much a family show. Family dynamics, family interactions. And just some of the journeys we go on as a family. Visiting Robben Island for the first time since my grandfather's been released," says Swati Dlamini.

Mandela has recently suffered a number of health setbacks.

During the filming of the show, the sisters also talked about the reports on their grandfather's health and Zaziwe says their reaction to inaccuracies is not manufactured.

Before heading to the U.S. to promote the show, the sisters paid a visit to Mandela and snapped a photo of Zaziwe's son, the youngest member of the family, with the former president.

But Swati puts viewers to rest, "He's in great health, he's doing very well. We actually went to see him the day we were traveling out here just to say bye and we're leaving. We took the kids by, you know, just to say bye. So he's doing very well. He's in very good health."

"Being Mandela" will air on the U.S. television network COZI TV on February 10th.
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