Ben Affleck Calls Out Bill Maher On His “Racist” and “Gross” Views on Islam

Ben Affleck calls Bill Maher out for his criticism of Islam.

Ben Affleck didn’t mince any words on the Real Time with Bill Maher where he called the late night show host’s criticism of Islam “gross” and “racist”.

But defending Maher’s bigoted stance was also neurologist Sam Harris who claimed, “Islam is the motherload of bad ideas.”

Renowned NYT journalist Nicholas Kristof sided with the frustrated actor/director and stated that Maher and Harris were presenting an incomplete view of the religion.

Maher has long been known for his Islamophobic views. Recently scholar Reza Aslan left CNN anchors speechless as he called the Real Time hosts racist views on Islamic violence “stupid.”

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Check out Ben Affleck schooling Maher in the video above.

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