Of Course, Ben Carson Just Modified His Story About Stabbing A Friend

Ben Carson must be the first presidential candidate in American history who is trying to convince people he tried to stab someone, despite any evidence to confirm his claims.

After CNN found no evidence whatsoever to corroborate Ben Carson’s history of violent behavior mentioned in his best-selling autobiography Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, the Republican presidential candidate made the most predictable move ever.

He modified his story.

"Those claims are absolutely true," Carson told Fox News' Megyn Kelly while discussing the controversial incident. However, contrary to the claim in his memoir, the retired neurosurgeon said his target was a "close relative," not a friend. 

Before inviting him for an interview, CNN investigated the Republican candidate’s claims that he punched a seventh-grade classmate with a lock, and attempted to stab a classmate named Bob in ninth grade.

The news channel spoke to nine people who knew him at the time and not one of them corroborated his tales of hostile behavior.

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“He got through his day trying not to be noticed,” one of Carson’s acquaintances told CNN. “I remember him having a pocket saver. He had thick glasses. He was skinny and unremarkable.”

While trying to defend his stories, Carson said he changed real names in his book "to protect the innocent" while clarifying the person he stabbed "was a close relative” and not a classmate.

"I never use the true names of people in books, you know, to protect the innocent," he said. "That's something that people have done for decades, for centuries. That's something that's commonly done. The person that I tried to stab, I talked to today and said: 'Would they want to be revealed?' They were not anxious to be revealed, and it was a close relative of mine. I didn't want to put their lives under the spotlight."

Here’s what rival GOP candidate Donald Trump had to say about the issue:

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Carson must be the first presidential candidate in American history who is trying to convince people he tried to intentionally hurt someone, despite lack of evidence to confirm his claims. However, his stabbing anecdote is the basis of his purported transformation into the religious and reasonable human being he is today.

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