Ben Carson's House Is A Disturbing Monument To His Own Achievements

Ben Carson has been making headlines in the past few weeks, but not for the reasons he would want.

His violent past and strange views on certain triangle shaped landmarks have caused many to question whether the current GOP front-runner is a stable choice for president.

IF this weren’t bad enough, another strange ingredient has now been thrown into the quickly curdling cocktail that is Carson’s run for the white house.

House Of "Humility" 

ben carson house

The Guardian entered into Carson’s home on Saturday for an exclusive pictorial peek inside.

Home visits for presidential candidates are common during an election. They are a chance for voters to observe the candidates natural habitat, see them with their hair down a bit, and learn a little bit about the person they are planning to elect.

The results of the look inside Carson’s house were certainly revealing, but they were also undeniably disturbing.


Carson’s home is a monument unto himself. His walls are covered with framed items all signifying significant achievements in the celebrated surgeons life.

These items go well beyond the traditional diplomas and cherished family photos, however.

Carson’s home features giant self-portraits, at least one of which features an artist’s rendering of Carson and Jesus of Nazareth himself. Carson has several other large pictures of himself, news clippings of his achievements, and, most ironically, a carved stone mantel reminding the doctor to remain humble.

houseCarson has done incredible things in his life as a surgeon. He is undoubtedly entitled to celebrate the landmark moments he worked so hard to achieve.

The issue is the sheer number of self-aggrandizing mementos he possesses and the scope those items go toward singing his praise. 

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Banner Image Credit: Mark Mekala

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