Beware! Spiders Can Count

For all those out there who can't stand creepy, crawly spiders enough already-guess what? They can count.

Creepy Spiders

According to Metro UK, a new study concludes that spiders know how to count, which means that they know which prey hasn't gotten away from them.

Spiders are pretty creepy to start off, but now we now know that spiders have the ability to keep track of things.

The study was done by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A team went to Costa Rica to study these interesting creatures.

The scientists observed golden orb-web spiders by giving them mealworm larvae and seeing how the spiders reacted.

Once the spiders had enough time to evaluate how much prey they had, the scientists removed some of the larvae.

Once the larvae was removed, the spiders began searching. Also, scientists learned that spiders also keep track of the size of the prey. So, if a big one goes missing, they know which one they are looking for.

Scientists said, "We can make a tentative conclusion that these spiders possess a sense of numerosity."

Wonder if they can count how many legs they have?

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