Big Issue In California Senate Race

"Carly Fiorina spent her first day as California's Republican U.S. Senate candidate with one of her custom shoes planted firmly in her mouth.Unaware of an open mic before a television interview on Wednesday, Fiorina mocked rival Sen. Barbara Boxer's hair, complained about Fox-TV's Sean Hannity and grumbled about Election Night cheeseburgers.Laughing, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO told staffers someone had seen Boxer on television and ""said what everyone says, 'God, what is that hair?' So yesterday!""But she also questioned fellow Republican Meg Whitman's decision to talk with Fox's Hannity so soon after winning the GOP nomination for governor.""I find it really surprising,"" she said. ""I think it's bizarre. ... I think it's a very bad choice, actually. You know how he is. Sean Hannity is not an easy interview.""She also mentioned cheeseburgers that some campaign workers had on Election Night, noting, ""I didn't eat last night.""Fiorina's camp shrugged off the whole thing as ""early-