Bigoted Backlash: Black Harvard Profs' Photos Defaced With Black Tape

All the portraits of black Harvard Law professors have been covered in black tape, most likely responding to Harvard's recent rally supporting black activists.

black professor

A simmering tension on college campuses concerning racism has recently boiled over and caused unrest and protests on campuses such as Yale, Ithaca College, and the University of Missouri. Harvard may be the next campus to experience this.

On Thursday morning, students at Harvard Law School found black tape covering pictures of African-American law professors within one of the law school’s primary lecture halls. The portraits in the hall include every tenured faculty member of HLS, but the tape only covered the black professors.

Harvard recently had a rally in support of black student activism on Wednesday—this defacement appears to be the racist response. Among other issues, the rally advocated to remove the family crest of Isaac Royall Jr. on the law school’s official seal, as Royall, one of the founders of the school, was a slave owner.

Georgetown recently had a similar protest to rename two buildings that were dubbed after individuals involved in the slave trade (in this instance, the students succeeded).

Hate crimes such as these are not uncommon—Mizzou experienced many after its defiant protests—but they still remain horrifying and shameless.

Police are currently investigating the situation, which Law School Dean Martha L. Minow has said is an indication of the “very serious problem” of racism within the law school.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @HuffingtonPost

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