Watch Bill Clinton Do A Bono Impression After U2 Singer’s Impression Goes Viral (VIDEO)

U2 singer Bono’s impression of former U.S. President of Bill Clinton on Tuesday at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City went viral within a matter of hours. The spot-on imitation was widely appreciated and enjoyed.

It was shown in a video clip to Mr. Clinton on “Piers Morgan Live” who then returned the favor by impersonating the philanthropist rock-star and U2’s front man. Clinton donned a pair of sunglasses and said, “Well I'm Irish you know, and we Irish can imitate anybody.” If not as good as the singer’s impression, former President nevertheless managed to pull off a pretty good act.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think.

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The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is a part of non-profit organization ‘The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation,’ set up by former President Bill Clinton in 2005.

The CGI ‘convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.’ Over the course of years, the CGI included showbiz philanthropist personalities such as U2’s Bono among others, in its panel.  In 2011, The National Journal listed Bono as the most politically effective celebrity of all time and was called "the face of fusion philanthropy” by The New York Times.

After Clinton was late at the event on Tuesday, Bono proceeded to grab the microphone and shared one of the best impressions of the 42nd President to entertain the crowd. You can watch his flawless mimicry in the link below.

WATCH: U2 Singer Bono Does A Spot On Bill Clinton Impression At The Clinton Global Initiative (VIDEO)

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