Bill Maher: Antonin Scalia And Michele Bachmann Are 'The Exact Same Idiot'

The popular comedian and social commentator Bill Maher ended his Friday night’s Real Time by giving  similarities between 'loony' Rep. Michelle Bachmann  and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The congresswoman and the SC justice are “the exact same idiot,” according to Maher. Why? Because they have the same deluded mindset and they believe in the same kind of supernatural stuff.

The HBO host explained that whoever believes in things like the end times or Satan must not be allowed to make decisions for the rest of the country.

He said, “If you believe we’re living in the end times, like Michele Bachmann does, we get to take away the car keys.”

Maher talked about Bachmann's comments about the 'end times' for America, along with mentioning Scalia’s references about Satan in an interview with New York magazine.

Bill Maher concluded his show by saying:

“Here’s the problem with believing the Devil exists. It means you see the world divided into teams of good and evil and suspect the wily one may be on the side of them, and when you start seeing compromising with your opponents as a compromise with evil, well, there’s your Tea Party.”

Watch Maher calling Bachmann and Scalia 'idiot' in the HBO video above.

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