Bill Maher Compares Congress To 'Weekend At Bernie's' For Insanely Old Members (Video)

This is not just Bill Maher having a few laughs and giving us a ticklish earful, it’s him ripping people apart and getting our vote on the way! 
On the latest episode of "Real Time" he took on extremely old (even octogenarian) politicians in the congress pointing out the congressmen refusing to hang up their coats or give up their seatws despite being literally over the hill!
He pointed out the hypocrisy that people get fired from their jobs frequently for incompetence and their bosses are justified but same is not the case with congress which keeps re-electing its members term after term, even for as many as thirty terms! 
 “We’ve created a system where it’s almost impossible to beat an incumbent,” he said. “The districts are too gerrymandered, the ads are too expensive. So every few years we’re treated to the sight of some Crypt Keeper who hasn’t shown up at work for years being wheeled out by a staff member so he can raise his skeletal hand to vote ‘aye.’
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