Bill Maher On Real Time Proves That New Yorkers Know Nothing About Obamacare (VIDEO)

Bill Maher sent documentarian Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) out to the streets of New York to learn what regular people know about Obamacare, just on the day when the healthcare exchanges opened.

There answers were pretty much as surprising as they are in Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Meter News!

There was a man who couldn’t believe that the president would name Obamacare after himself. Another woman expressed her concerns over the computer chips she believes the government wants to implant “under her skin.”

She also said to Pelosi, “I don’t know how you don’t know about it. It’s in all the news.”

One wonders after watching the video, is this what actually the majority of Americans understand about the Affordable Care Act?

Watch the clip from Friday's "Real Time" above.

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