Bill Maher On Syria: US Looks ‘More Like George Zimmerman’ Than World’s Policeman (VIDEO)

HBO host Bill Maher who is always praised for being liberal criticized President Barack Obama on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” for supporting military intervention in Syria on Friday.

Considering the fact that US is on the verge of bombing another Muslim country, Maher during his New Rules segment said, “America must stop asking, ‘Why do they hate us?’

The HBO host has been a prominent opponent of an invasion in Syria. He believes that bombing countries isn’t the “answer for everything.”

 While criticizing America’s always-changing attitude, Maher said:

Forget the Syria debate, we need to debate on why we’re always debating whether to bomb someone.”

He added: Because we’re starting to look not so much like the world’s policeman, but more like George Zimmerman,  itching to use force and then pretending it’s because we had no choice.”

The way comedians on television unapologetically speak about these serious issues, giving them a twist of their own is always commendable and worth watching.

Watch Maher discussing the US Syria policy while comparing the country to Zimmerman, in the video above.

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