Bill O’Reilly Apologizes For His False Claims About March On Washington Celebration (VIDEO)

Fatimah Mazhar

Bill O’Reilly admitted on Thursday that he was wrong when he claimed that no Republicans had been invited to the ‘March On Washington’ Celebration.

The host apologized and said, "The mistake? Entirely on me. I simply assumed ... Republicans were excluded."

Maybe O’Reilly realized that news analysis doesn’t work on ‘assumptions’ all the time. Republicans including big names such as John McCain, Jeb Bush and John Boehner were all invited. All declined to attend the occasion for various reasons.

This isn’t the first time he got it all wrong. In June, the O’Reilly Factor host assumed that drones don’t kill civilians during airstrikes.

Here’s how people are reacting to the news in Twitter:

You can watch Bill O’Reilly’s false analysis on Washington March invitations in the video below: