Bill O'Reilly Apologizes To Alan Colmes, Has A Faceoff With Kristen Powers (Video)


The news was and is still quite abuzz with Bill O’Reilly’s shootout with Alan Colmes.

O’Reilly asked his guest on the show what SPECIFIC budget cuts President Obama had proposed. Colmes replied that ‘President Obama is promising o cut Medicare or something’ and O’Reilly got really upset.

The O’Reilly Factor host apologized and said, “I am sorry I said Colmes was lying, I shouldn’t have used that word, But I am glad the exposition occurred.”

He later had a faceoff with Kristen Powers who said that she was shocked that O’Reilly was doubling down on the issue of spending cuts. She even had a document in her hand that showed details of the $400 billion health care cuts that the White House wanted to make.

Bill O’Reilly nevertheless remained unconvinced and ended the conversation saying to Powers, “You put forth your point of view and I put forth mine, let the folks decide now.”

Check out the video above and see how Bill O’Reilly apologized in a very non-apologetic way.

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