Bill O’Reilly Confronts Atheist David Silverman (VIDEO)

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and the President of American Atheists David Silverman locked horns over the legitimacy of the Christmas holiday. The show, after a tame beginning took a nasty turn when O’Reilly insisted that Christmas is not a religion, but a philosophy. "You're an atheist, a non-believer, and I respect that, that's fine. I don't look down on you," O'Reilly said. "But why are you messing around with Christmas? Just leave it alone."

Silverman said his organization was "not messing around with anything" but making an effort to stop "the government from preferring one religion over the other."

O’Reilly leaned forward and pointed his index figure straight at Silverman’s face. "Don't tell me what I think. When I said I didn't have a problem, I don't have a problem. Got it?"

Well, needless to say, it got hot and bothersome! Check out the sparks flying!

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