Bill O’Reilly Thinks Drones Don’t Kill Civilians (VIDEO)


Bill O’Reilly probably lost it during his sow O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday when he wondered why far-left loons who opposed drones and Gitmo detention are ‘so crazy.’

Well, it appears it’s the other way round since O’Reilly did a really pathetic impression of a German reporter who quite rightly questioned Obama’s drone warfare policy in Berlin that day.

Fortunately Kristen Powers had something reasonable to say and didn’t agree with O’Reilly at all. In fact, when the spurred host pressed that drones were OK, Powers said, "Are you seriously saying that civilians are not being killed by drones?"

O’Reilly replied, “They don't launch the drones unless there is a likelihood that civilians will not be killed.”

Ha! Maybe he hasn’t heard about the “signature strikes” phenomenon. These predatory drones kill without knowing the identity of people. One wonders if O’Reilly really reads news at all. But Powers does because she instantly corrected him by saying, “That's not true.” To which the host said, annoyingly enough, “That's what President Obama said flat-out.”

Really O’Reilly? Seriously?

Mr. Bill O’Reilly, Obama has also said, flat-out, the Americans were not being spied on just like he promised to close down Gitmo some time back. Do you really then think that drones don’t kill civilians. And if you really don’t believe that please show some guts and travel to the tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

But you wouldn’t.

Watch Bill O’Reilly’s rant in the video above and tell us what you think.

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