Bad Cop Nabbed After He Drove His $250K Ferrari To Work

Cop by day, criminal by night – this bad, bad man had amassed a fortune, but then he drove his Ferrari to work.

For a bad cop who doubles as a drug dealer and a brothel owner, it's just common sense to not flaunt your illicit gains in public. Laying low is what you want to do, hoping that the cloak of your job hides the naughty side business.

What you definitely don't want to do is go to work – a police station in this case – driving a shiny new $250,000 Ferrari. But then this one genius of a chap did just that.

The story is from Birmingham, UK, where a cop named Osman Iqbal thought it'd be a good idea to flaunt his new Ferrari 458 Italia in front of his other cop mates. Now, there is a reason why every bank robber in bad Hollywood movies strongly advises his accomplices to not buy anything fancy following a successful heist.

But Mr. Iqbal, it seems, isn't a movie buff. His fancy automobile and lavish lifestyle drew the attention he so craved, and soon his colleagues alerted their higher ups. An inquiry was launched and found that this Einstein here had two big bank accounts in his name funded from businesses that existed only on paper. Further digging revealed that Iqbal used those nonexistent businesses to launder "hundreds of thousands of pounds" from brothels in the Covent Garden and Marylebone areas of London."

One of Iqbal's most favorite tricks was to take his clients to his brothels, sell them drugs and then run up phony charges on their credit cards. The victims obviously couldn't do anything about it because how would they? Their extortionist was the frigging police himself.

Long story short, the man has now been nabbed and admitted to his crimes. He will spend his next seven years behind bars, thinking how great life would've been for him had he taken the boring Crown Vic to work that day instead of his baby – the Ferrari.

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