Bishop EW Jackson Wants Blacks To Tone Down Sexuality, Will Likely Lose Va. Lt. Governor's Election Anyway

Virginia Lt. Governor candidate E.W. Jackson, Jr. stated that, in order to address urban violence, people should get married and not be "sexual objects."

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Moral Crusader Extraordinaire.  Also, guy with a hat

The Republican side of this year's elections seem to be made of people who under normal circumstances would be laughed out of the election, not so much for their views (which are common in Virginia), but the intensity in which they pursue them, without any sense of moderation or pedal-backing so as to cater to other constituents.  Such was the case as demonstrated by Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli II, who maintained his "personal" beliefs that gay people were "soulless" and "self-destructive."  Still, the potential for their election may be less due to this, and more due to the opposition presenting an incredibly weak slate of candidates.

In any event, another case of such extremes appeared in the form of the Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Bishop E.W. Jackson, Jr.  In a radio interview today, the Baptist preacher-cum-political crusader spoke about President Barack Obama's speech last week regarding the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, attacking him for "racializing" the problem, and even goes so far to say that what happened to youth Trayvon Martin and the general issue of urban violence was not a race problem.  Jackson then attempted to pin the blame on sex, claiming that he would go to at-risk youths to try and persuade them to get married before sex, and to "stop treating [their] bodies as sexual objects."  Jackson attempts to justify this further by pointing out the need for the father to stay in the home to raise the child.

Now, there are certain arguments to be made for a black conservatism.  A conservatism entrenched in responsibility, some moral clarity offered through religious guidance or not, and reason.  Bill Cosby, in one way or another, has been making that case for years, even though there's an argument that he's disregarding the social factors that have allowed African-Americans to suffer in poverty disproportionately.  However, regardless of whether or not such conservatism can work does not matter in the case of E.W. Jackson.  That is because Jackson is not a conservative, but a moral crusader with an agenda that is built on a fear of sex.  One could argue that he is merely regurgitating the talking points of the white Christianists in a way for blacks to understand, and furthermore defend the former to the latter by attempting to argue that there really is not a race problem in this country.  Jackson does not represent conservatism, but a moral nihilism.

That said, it seems possible that unlike Cuccinelli, Jackson will lose this election handedly.  Based on current polls, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, is leading Jackson by 8 points, well above the margin of error and far wider than the governor's race, which remains too close to call at this point.  It does not help that Jackson has a net unfavorable rating.

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