Bizarre Incidents When Head Stabbings Victims Kept Unusually Calm

Warning: Some of the images may be disturbing. Head stabbing incidents seem to be on a rise these days.

Bizarre Incidents

As bizarre as it sounds, the victims of such crimes mostly make it to the news for keeping their calm with the stabbing tool stuck in their head, instead of for the stabbing itself.

For instance, recently a Mexican man was given the title of "gentleman" for his good manners by the hospital staff who was working to remove the scissors stuck in the poor man’s head.

Jonas Acevado Monroy, 32, was assaulted with a pair of scissors by a jealous rival while the victim was busy drinking in a local bar.  His friend Nandor Altamirano Carvajal drove him to the hospital.

Instead of being distressed about his injury or causing a scene, Jonas calmly walked into the ER and politely asked the hospital staff for help, saying he had "a little problem." The staff was amazed by his endurance, hence the title.

And this was just one of the many incidents. Take a look at the stories below:

The Man With The Metal Rod Lodged In His Skull

Monroy has a kindred spirit in this man, who walked into a service station with a metal rod lodged in his head after being attacked a few blocks away. He had driven himself to the store, and then had calmly asked owner to call the police.

The Man Who Drove With A Knife In His Head

Knife In His Head

In another incident, a Brazilian taxi-motorcyclist drove for three hours with a knife impaled in his skull. Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira was stabbed three times in torso during a bar fight, and one wound perforated the lung. The victim drove to the hospital without even realizing that there was a 30-cm blade protruding from his head.

The Woman Who Didn’t Realize She Was Stabbed

22-year-old Julia Papova was knifed by a mugger while she was on her way home from work in Moscow. She was so shocked after the struggle with the attacker who snatched her purse that she didn't even realize there was knife buried at the base of her head.

Luckily, the surgeons were able to remove the blade without any damage to the victim. The hospital staff said that shock had kicked in and her body prevented her from feeling any pain, which is why she was able to walk home.

Teenager With A 5-Inch Knife Impaled In His Skull

Five-Inch Knife Impaled In Skull

A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the skull with a kitchen knife while he was trying to save a friend from being robbed in Walworth, south London.

The 5-inch blade plunged into his head fortunately missed his brain. The boy didn’t lose his calm and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where the knife was successfully removed.

These weird instances can all be chalked up to two simple things: trauma and adrenaline.

Apparently, when someone gets stabbed like this, they either go in to shock, rendering them numb, or they have so much adrenaline pumping through that they don’t feel the pain.

Their calmness is due to excitement and trauma which ultimately saves their life, as they remain capable of thinking rationally instead of getting hysterical and ruining their chances of survival.

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