Black Customer Furious After Finding Vulgar, Racist Remarks On Receipt

A pizza restaurant manager didn't expect this customer to notice the racist, obscene comment he wrote on her receipt.

All Loretta Smith Layne wanted was for her chicken wings to be a little extra crispy, and one employee from Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz in New Jersey took it to another level by typing a vulgar, racist note on her receipt.

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Upon picking up her order from the South New Jersey pizza chain, Layne noticed that printed in the special instructions on her receipt was “Fried hard like a black d***”

"I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt," Layne said to a local news station.

Layne said she confronted the man who took her order, who is also the son of the owner Danny Sommeling, but he refused to own up to the note and claimed that the receipt didn’t come from their establishment.

That seems like a strange argument, considering receipts usually say a location or store number at the very top. 

“He needs to realize what he’s done,” Layne said. “It’s not acceptable. Not to me. And I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through.”

Loretta Smith Layne, pizza pizzazz

When reporters tried talking to Sommeling he supported his son’s position that they couldn’t be sure the receipt even came from their store.

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However, Layne showed text messages to a local reporter that she said came from Sommeling offering an apology on behalf of his son’s unprofessional decision to use those words. 

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