Protesters Prove That #BlackLivesMatter, Take To The Streets Of Washington And NYC

Thousands flood the streets of Washington and NYC to demand justice for the innocent lives taken.

Black Lives Matter Protests

Protests have again erupted all over the country in the wake of the murder of two black men at the hands of white officers. The movement, which goes by the name of Black Lives Matter, mobilized people across the country, from New York to Washington, in an effort to demand justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

A crowd of 10000 gathered by Rev. Al Sharpton, raised placards saying ‘I can’t breathe’, the moving last words of Eric Garner, the asthmatic victim of police brutality, and navigated the streets of Washington on Saturday.

This was followed by the Millions March, where thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York, mourning the deaths of people of color who have fallen prey to police cruelty. The protests witnessed a show of strong emotions as the city reverberated with chants of “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

Mouths were taped and hands shackled, hinting at the helplessness and vulnerability of black people, and the costs of speaking up.

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Protesters also took to social media demanding justice, questioning the verdict that acquitted Darren Wilson, and displaying the enormity of the crowd.

The protests, not confined to the streets, crept inside newsrooms, too.

“I’m here today standing in solidarity with my brothers, my nephews, and my unborn sons”, proclaimed Courtney Cook, a 25-years-old protester at the march.

The protests at New York also saw some notable figures, who turned up to show solidarity with the victims of racial profiling. The cast of Orange is the New Black was present, with its hands held up high.

This recent outbreak of rage over police brutality and judicial indifference looks nowhere close to an end. It will continue until the protesters have ensured that their children “are safe and not subject to this type of injustice.”

Watch this beautifully-made time lapse of the Millions March, as it shows an endless line of protesters moving through the streets.

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