Donald Trump Supporters Beat "Black Lives Matter" Protester

Amna Shoaib
Another incident proves it's not just The Donald - his supporters are also getting out of control.

Donald Trump supporters tackled a protester at a campaign rally. His crime? Wearing a shirt that said "Black Lives Matter," and shouting the same during the gathering.


The crowd shoved and kicked the man, spurred on by the presidential candidate, who shouted, “Yeah, get him out. Get him the hell out of here.”

Trump was incensed at this disturbance, lamenting that this will be reported as a picket.

“You have one guy over there shouting, we have thousands of people, and you’ll read about him tomorrow,” Trump said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, he had a picket!'”

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Trump then regaled the audience with his tales of bravery, of how he once angered a heckler who was "seriously obese" with his comment on food stamp.

It was as if it didn't matter to Trump that a man was just beaten at his rally. Primarily, because it didn't.

“I don’t care,” Trump added, while saying he wouldn't let a protester take over his speech — unlike his Democratic rival Bernie Sanders who tried to be too "politically correct" when it comes to Black Lives Matter.