Unarmed Black Suspect Freddie Gray Dies A Week After Brutal Police Beating

How will Baltimore police justify this “mysterious” death?

Another unarmed black man succumbed to his injuries after being arrested by white cops.

Last week, Baltimore police arrested Freddie Gray for an undisclosed criminal offense. Just hours after his arrest, the 25-year-old lapsed into a coma and was taken to hospital, where he reportedly went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated. Later, he underwent a double surgery for his crushed voice box and three broken vertebrae.

After seven days of painful struggle, he died on 19 April.

The officers who took Gray into custody claim that the suspect was fine and healthy when arrested. However, the footage captured by a citizen shows the cops restraining the screaming man on the ground in a manner some would definitely call brutal. The video then shows Gray’s body going limp while the cops drag him towards the transport van.

Gray was unarmed at the time. Watch his arrest in the video posted below:

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Protests against police brutality broke out in Gray’s neighborhood after he was transferred to hospital. Activists and protestors are demanding an independent inquiry for his brutal murder – even though recent incidents have proved that these inquiries don’t do well when police are the ones in the wrong.

“The questions that many of you have are the same questions that we're asking: How was Mr. Gray injured?” said Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “Were our proper protocols and procedures actually followed? What are the next steps to take from here?”

The unnamed officers involved in the case are reportedly restricted to administrative duties while the investigation is pending review by a “blue-ribbon” panel commissioned by the police.

“We believe the police are keeping the circumstances of Freddie’s death a secret until they develop a version of events that will absolve them of all responsibility,” the family’s attorney said in his statement to the media. “However, his family and the citizens of Baltimore deserve to know the real truth, and we will not stop until we get justice for Freddie.”

Watch the complete coverage of the incident in the video posted below:

This unfortunate incident of police brutality comes shortly after Michael Slager, a South Carolina cop, was charged with murder for killing an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, by shooting him eight times in the back.

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