Blast Kills Seven In China's Xinjiang

"Seven people have been killed and 14 injured in a bomb blast in China's Xinjiang region. The explosion happened in Aksu city in the west of the remote western region. A local government spokeswoman, Hou Hanmin, said a Uighur man drove a three-wheeled vehicle carrying an explosive device into a crowd. The man was arrested at the scene and investigations were ongoing, Ms Hou said. ""It was a three-wheeled vehicle, it has an explosive device on it. It exploded while the three-wheeled vehicle ran into the crowd at a street intersection,"" she told the BBC Chinese service. All of the injured were local residents, she said, and four of them had suffered serious injuries. Last year deadly ethnic riots erupted in Xinjiang after tensions flared between the Muslim Uighur minority and the Han Chinese. "