Blast Worries Slow Efforts At Colombia Mine, 70 Feared Dead

The search for more than 50 workers missing and presumed dead after a fiery explosion at a Colombian coal mine resumed tentatively Friday after 18 bodies were recovered, amid fears of a new blast.At least 70 miners in total were likely killed in the blast which ripped through underground shafts late Wednesday near the city of Medellin, incinerating several of the workers inside, authorities said. A single miner was found alive.Sixteen of the badly burned bodies have been identified with the help of experts and their families notified."Most of the bodies were unrecognizable, so it was necessary for relatives to help us by providing some characteristics like tattoos, scars, photographs and dental records," said Amaga health department director Javier Araque.Even as the search continued Friday, mourners held the first funerals for the dead, with hundreds of people attending an open-air mass in Amaga for the first four victims released to relatives.Dozens of relatives meanwhile continued t