Bligh Confirms Yasi Cyclone Death

"A man died when he suffocated on generator fumes during Cyclone Yasi, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has confirmed.

Ms Bligh said the 23-year old man died after being overwhelmed by fumes from the diesel generator he was using while sheltering in a small room in Bambaroo, near Ingham.

Authorities are still searching for two people missing in the Cardwell area in the wake of the massive category five storm, which destroyed homes and shredded crops as it roared ashore south of Innisfail on Wednesday night.

""Neither of them have been located but we have a very large team of police in the Cardwell region now,"" Ms Bligh said this morning.

""They are doorknocking, they are doing search missions, so we certainly hope that we'll get good news in relation to those two people who are missing."" One of the missing people is a man who was reported missing near Port Hinchinbrook after trying to move his yacht out of the way of a storm surge. The State Government is coordinating the massive clean-up in the battered far north, focusing on Cardwell, Tully and Mission Beach.

Power is still out to more than 150,000 properties and constant rain and piles of debris are making the roads inaccessible and dangerous."
ABC Online