Inspiring Blind Man Takes On An Unusual Job

He can't see, but he's a history-maker who can fix your car.

Three cheers for the awesome Clifford Alderson, the first and only blind mechanic in the U.S.

Alderson just got his degree auto mechanic degree from New Mexico State University, overcoming an disability that doesn't allow him to drive, but can't stop him from fixing cars.

The 48-year-old has retinitis pigmentosa, a progressive eye disease that eventually blinded him. But he didn't want his teenage daughter, who also has the disease, to give up any of her own dreams.

So Alderson hit the books and, more precisely, the garage to learn how to listen to a car, and the customer, to diagnose and fix issues. His supervisor gave him rave reviews. 

The new graduate is still looking for a job -- heads up, New Mexico garages, Alderson sounds like a great hire. 

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