Blizzard Leads To Kale Shortage In NYC

Get your milk, eggs, and water, but please, oh, please, don't forget the kale!

Blizzard 2015 causes kale shortage in New York City

Before any storm, you can usually find stores packed with people getting everything they need before being stuck inside with the chance of losing power and heat.

Blizzard Juno was no different, unless you consider the frightening shortage of kale throughout NYC.

People went to the stores to pick up kale, a common routine for some New Yorker's, when they found the kale bins to be completely empty.

When a blizzard hits, most people want to know they have what they need if the worst happens. Maybe a bag of chips, some popcorn, and some chocolate candies.

In NYC, there is apparently no way to face a storm without kale stocked up in the kitchen.

People tweeted their findings as they hunted for kale before the storm, preparing for the 'kale-pocalypse' of 2015.

Blizzard 2015 causes kale shortage across NYC

Next time a blizzard hits, make sure you have enough of this green delight to help you make it through!

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