Australian Motorists Faking Car Accidents To Protest Against Speed Cameras

Drivers say the cameras are a cash cow, not a safety precaution, so they're taking matters into their own hands.

block their shot australia

It doesn’t matter that speeding is a global concern and the cause of a multitude of roadside accidents. An illegal online campaign called Block Their Shot has amassed big attention in Australia and has a huge following of people who believe in blocking mobile speed cameras.

It’s a big fast world out there, where people get run over by hasty drivers and it’s been reported that the police are getting caught, too. But this campaign is encouraging people to block the cameras' line of sight, using any means possible.

That includes faking accidents and using vehicles, duct-tape and even umbrellas to block speed cameras. They then encourage people to take a photo of their rebellious act and upload it onto social media.

The army of anti-speed camera renegades is growing in popularity, having reached over 37,000 likes on Facebook.

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Who exactly are these people? They are reportedly a group of motorists. And they strongly believe that speed cameras exist simply for revenue, rather than for actually saving lives.

“Letting people know that mobile speed cameras are not police, they are a business, and I think it’s time to take a stand and ‘block their shot,'” an unknown leader posted to the group.

Some people downright disapprove of this campaign. 

Others stand behind the idea that speed cameras exist for revenue:

The authorities are, naturally, not thrilled.

According to the Daily Telagraph, the government wants to introduce heavy fines to counter this campaign. “I hope these idiots grow up so I don’t have to put Draconian fines in place. If they don’t stop this stupidity I will take action,” said Roads Minister Duncan Gay

Thankfully, some people are have maintained a level of reason regarding speeding on the road. 

Hopefully everyone on the road will exercise caution and stay safe.

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