Trump Forks Over $100K For Rights To "Make America Great Again"

The self-proclaimed “master of deals” had to cut out a check for $100,000 to obtain the rights to his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Donald Trump

Slogans are perhaps the most important element in any advertising campaign and business mogul Donald Trump made a spectacular mistake when he failed to acquire the rights to his now-infamous catchphrase for the presidential elections 2016.

The billionaire estate magnate — who calls himself master negotiator — lost the trademark to radio host Bobby Estell, who not only obtained the rights for “Make America Great Again” before Trump's team, but also got exclusive right to sell merchandise with Trump's slogan.

Estell, star of the Bobby Bones Show on iHeartRadio filed the trademark application in August 2015 after he noticed the copyright to the slogan was up for grabs. At the time, he told TMZ that he was willing to give up the copyright if the presidential hopeful agreed to a face-to-face meeting and donated a hefty amount to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Now, in a not-so-unexpected turn of events, Trump finally doled out $100,000 and obtained the trademark to “Make America Great Again.” However, he has not commented on his purchase yet.

On Thursday, the Estel tweeted out a photo of a signed check, with the fund amount blurred out – although the envelope clearly showed the Trump Organization logo.

Although it’s unclear if Estell got his face-to-face meeting with Trump, the whole deal is a clear win-win situation.

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