Bobby Jindal To Republicans: "We Have To Stop Being The Stupid Party"

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and widely suspected Republican presidential candidate for 2016 told Republicans they have to "stop being the stupid party."

Louisiana Governor and widely suspected Republican Presidential candidate for 2016 told Republicans today that "we have to stop being the stupid party." Meaning that they have to shy away from reducing their policies to quick slogans. One of the political truths that Jindal seems well aware of is that Obama has felt like the adult in the room since he became a national figure for his ability to be reasonable and articulate. It will be fascinating to watch as the Republican party tries to rebrand after its 2012 clobbering.

Jindal's comments about the Republicans reminded me of another big rebrand:

I can probably count the number of times I have had Dominoes pizza in my life, but I was fascinated by their rebranding campaign. They paid a lot of money to tell America: we admit it, we've stunk for years, and now we're trying to get better.

Jindal is that voice of the Republican Party. Instead of crusts that were like cardboard and cheese that was also like cardboard, the GOP has messaging that's too simplistic and a base that is narrow and shrinking. Democrats are the populist party right now (as they have been historically), but to challenge for the Senate and the Presidency, Republicans are going to need to find some populist territory for themselves.

Still to be determined: will the rest of the Republican Party go along with Bobby Jindal's message? And will what's in the box change or just the packaging around it?

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