Bobby Jindal's Presidential Announcement Is Awkward For Us All

Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal gives Donald Trump a run for his money for the most facepalm-worthy presidential announcement of all.

His groan-inducing politics and limited understanding of science are things we’ve grown to expect, but Republican and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s out-of-the-box spin on presidential announcement videos has left us scratching our heads and laughing emptily.

I had to tell a few people first. But I want you to be next. I’m running for President of the United States of America. Join me:

Posted by Bobby Jindal on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jindal posted a clip of his breaking the good news to his kids today, and there’s a myriad of reasons why this marketing moves makes us cringe in the way of our worst high school memories.

  1. "Candid" Camera

The video is made to look like it was a candid and spontaneous recording of a genuine family moment, as opposed to a staged interaction from a questionable camera angle. At least reality television are upfront about their phoniness. We expect Jindal wants us to think of him as a real-life family man with real-life family. Which we believe, because:

Bobby Jindal Announces Run for President

  1. His Kids Are Obviously Bored By Him

You would you be, too, if your dad had pulled you away on a nice summer day and told you sit pretty for the camera.  Your kids echoing your 31% approval rating isn’t the best look.

But it’s possible that the kids weren’t even told that they were to be the hapless props in their father’s campaign. In which case, we’re impressed that they mustered the iota of enthusiasm they did. Kudos to thumbs-upper, Shaan Jindal.  

  1. GoPro Is A No-Go

The only thing that would make the picture/sound quality of this video worse was if someone had been holding their cell phone vertically. Most of the interchange is inaudible, and the rest sounds like it’s being broadcast through a fish.

Hiring a captioner would have been a sound idea, since the cc YouTube generated for the occasion contains some questionable moments.

“I’ll like that she like buttock”

“you want to talk or you have a pokemon”


  1. Talk About Your Policies, Dude

Reflecting on your past family-wide travails in Iowa is not interesting to the rest of us. Bobby Jindal appears to be buying into the narcissisms of the Kardashian era.

Also worth noting that this is one of SEVEN videos that Jindal’s uploaded to his site in honor of his campaign. That’s a social media faux pas if we’ve ever seen one.

  1. Ill-Advised Word Choice

Now we’re not saying you should get your speech-writer to script out family time, but maybe don’t start your campaign announcement like you’re about to tell your kids their parents are getting a divorce?

“Mommy and daddy have something to tell you.”

Also, “mommy” and “daddy”? In public? Give your kids a break.

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