Boehner Tells Senate To "Get Off Their Ass And Do Something" On Sequester (Video)

John Boehner told the Senate to "get off their ass and do something" about the sequester.

John Boehner wants the Senate to "get off their ass and do something" about the sequester cuts, which are due on Friday if no one, well, gets off their ass and does something. Republicans have painted themselves into a corner over the sequester cuts, by not taking a united stand on something (other than no new taxes), and letting Obama rack up political points by talking about how bad the sequester would be.

Boehner is in even more of a corner than the rest of the Republicans, because he is in the increasingly untenable position of having to negotiate with Obama and Senate Democrats, and then presenting a compromised package to House Republicans, who loathe compromise. Just today, Senator Ron Johnson said that if Boehner presented another deal that involved tax hikes to House Republicans, he would lose his job as Speaker of the House. That's a real possibility, so Boehner has to make the case that he's done his job here, and that he will stand up to any tax increase.

And, realistically, Boehner might not be the right leader for House Republicans. They want someone who doesn't negotiate on anything to the left of Paul Ryan, and Boehner, for all his foibles, has shown time and again that he will pick up the phone when Obama calls.

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