Watch The Dramatic Moment A Bolt Bus Bursts Into Flames

The violent blast knocked out vehicle’s windows. No injuries have been reported.

In a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, a bus en route from New York City to Boston burst into flames on the eastbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike Monday afternoon. Fortunately, the driver had noticed smoke and pulled the vehicle over for evacuation before the explosion occurred.

The Bolt bus was carrying 50 passengers; luckily, thanks to the driver’s quick thinking, there were no injuries.

The accident was caught on live television and the footage posted above shows the exact moment the red-and-white vehicle ignited, blowing out glass windows onto the road.

The cause of the explosion is not clear. What is known, however, is that prior to the shocking explosion the bus had made a stop in Connecticut, where a mechanic worked on it for two hours.

The stranded passengers were transported to a nearby bus station by the bus company.

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