Bombs Explode At Swiss And Chilean Embassies In Rome

Two people were injured when parcel bombs linked to a suspected anarchist terror plot exploded at the Chile and Switzerland embassies in Rome Thursday.

Both of the injured workers were mail clerks in their respective embassies, Italian media reported. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni pointed the finger of suspicion at far-left anarchist groups who are believed to have launched a wave of similar attacks in Greece last month.

""These are violent, very violent groups present in Spain and Greece as well and are closely linked to one another,"" Maroni told Italian television.Chile's ambassador Oscar Godoy condemned the attack on its embassy as ""an absolutely irrational and brutal act of terrorism,"" according to AFP.

The attacks prompted security sweeps of foreign embassies across Rome and a string of false alarms. Both bombs were sent via the local mail service, but it was not known if they originated within Italy, according to TG24.

The Swiss embassy worker, a 53-year-old man, was in danger of losing his left hand and awaiting surgery after severe injuries to both hands. The injuries sustained by the Chilean embassy employee were not thought to be life threatening.

Both men were treated at the Umberto I hospital in Rome, where one of them had a metal bolt removed from his chest, according to the ANSA news agency. The letter bomb that exploded at Chile's embassy was addressed to a cultural association, Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno told reporters.

Suspicion for both blasts immediately fell on an shadowy anarchist group allegedly connected to eco-terrorists who were arrested by Swiss agents last April, according to the Italian state news station Rai."