Boston Bomber Apologizes After Smiling Through Trial

Victims and their families testify before the final sentencing and someone is arrested trying to storm the court house with a meat cleaver.

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has had his day in court, listened to the anguished speeches from the people that he hurt. Before the day was done, he took the opportunity to apologize for his actions, but the apology rang hollow for many.

Marc Fucarile, one of the victims of the bombing that lost his leg, said that when he first saw Tsarnaev in court he was smiling. “You don’t seem to be smirking today,” said Fucarile.

Multiple reporters who have sat in during the trial tweeted out that Tsarnaev seemed jovial throughout the proceedings leading up to the final sentencing today. A jury had already sentenced him to death in May and this final sentencing by the judge was just a formality.

After victims and their families had a chance to speak, Tsarnaev apologized for his actions, saying “Now I am sorry for the lives that I’ve taken and the suffering that I’ve caused, and the damage I’ve done…I’m guilty of it. If there is any lingering doubt of that, let there be no more.” He additionally asked that Allah have mercy on his brother, his family and himself.

No one was moved by Tsarnaev’s words.

Outside the courthouse chaos broke out as a man jumped a barricade with his car and tried to rush the courthouse with a meat cleaver. He was quickly arrested and taken away by police, and his motives are unknown.

The last words were from Judge O’Toole who scolded Tsarnaev, telling him that because of his actions his only legacy would be horrific actions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“What will be remembered is the evil you have done.” 

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