This Is What A Boston Cabbie Did With $187,000 He Found

Amna Shoaib
If you found $187,000 in cash, what would you do??

Raymond "Buzzy" MacCausland got lucky, albeit for a short period of time. The man literally chanced upon wads of cash worth $187,000.

Cabbie MacCausland picked up a passenger who claimed to be homeless, and sported a cast on his leg. At one point in the journey, the man asked MacCausland to pull over and got out to meet a friend, leaving behind a bag. After waiting for him for more than a half-hour, MacCausland drove to the man's hotel to look for him.

Unable to locate him, the 72-year-old driver sifted through his bag, to find anything to trace the man with. Instead, he found the cash. There were bundles of $50 and $100, totaling, $187,000.

Boston Cabbie

The thought of taking the money home did cross his mind, but as he said talking to The News, “That’s the way I am. I don’t steal anything; I’ve never been a crook. It would have been nice to see a lot of money like that though — probably changes lives.”

While this situation would have caused abundant joy to anyone who dared to pocked the money, MacCausland was anxious. He had no idea how to get the money to its original owner, and he could not live with money that did not belong to him.

Boston Cabbie

MacCausland drove to the police to hand in the money.

Paperwork found by the police indicated the money was part of an inheritance.

"To me that was a relief," MacCausland said. "Because I know if it wasn't they'd come looking for me."

This is not the first time the driver has returned money. About 30 years ago, the driver returned $10,000 to its rightful owners. Then however, as MacCausland noted, he did not get a reward.

MacCausland was given a reward of $100 this time.