Boy, Valedictorian's Dad Among Ohio Storm Victims

A mother and her young son and the father of the valedictorian from a high school now in ruins were among seven people killed in a weekend tornado that was Ohio's most powerful in eight years, authorities and relatives said Monday.The tornado was part of a line of storms that tore through the Midwest over the weekend, destroying dozens of homes and ripping off a movie-theater roof in Illinois and siding at a Michigan nuclear plant, forcing a shutdown.But the worst destruction was in northwest Ohio, where the tornado flattened an emergency services building and left a strip up to 300 yards wide and 10 miles long littered with wrecked vehicles, splintered wood and family possessions.Crews were working Monday morning to put up power lines to restore service to an estimated 1,000 customers. But the most devastated neighborhoods were quiet compared with Sunday, when hundreds of volunteers cleaned up debris.Jim Mazey, 35, spent about 16 hours Sunday searching for belongings from a friend's h