"BP Starts Testing The Cap That May Put An End To The Oil Spill "

"Today it’s a big day for BP and for all the people who live in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. BP will start today to test the new cap that may put an end to the dreadful oil spill which has been unstoppable from April 22. The new cap will undergo an integrity test that could stop the flow for a while, for the first time in the last 85 days. If this new cap works well, the engineers from BP could shut the well permanently and the oil company could finish cleaning up the Gulf! Indeed, there are millions of gallons of oil spread into the sea, onto the beached and the marshes but the relief well, Macondo, which was drilled earlier this year by the Deepwater Horizon rig wouldn’t pollute the Gulf anymore. And the clean up teams could do their jobs and clean the waters and help the ecosystem revive.Obviously, this is wishful thinking towards the cap testing. If the well fails and the pressure from the well isn’t build steadily as the valves from the sealing cap are closed slowly, then, BP announced"