Brave Woman Crash Lands Airplane After Husband Passes Out

A Spanish woman with no pilot experience took matters into her own hands in an emergency situation to crash land an airplane.

A Spanish woman who had never flown a plane before was forced to perform an emergency crash landing when her husband, the pilot, passed out during their flight from the city of Trebujena to Coria del Rio.

When she noticed her husband had lost consciousness, she called a pilot friend who then alerted air traffic control, according to emergency services.

The ultralight aircraft was flying at nearly 10,000 feet when the incident occurred. Air traffic controllers had to talk the woman through the landing procedure for about 90 minutes before she was finally able to execute a crash landing.

crash landing

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The Spanish air traffic controllers union (USCA) said the woman was lucky she was coached by a controller who was familiar with flying the type of aircraft she was in.

crash landing plane

The woman could barely read a compass so the controller had to also tell her what to look for to find out the plane's altitude.

Another light aircraft and a helicopter were dispatched to help guide the woman to the airport; she ended up crashing the plane near Seville Airport in Southwestern Spain. 

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She has suffered burns and multiple contusions as a result of the accident and her husband died.

It is currently unclear if the husband died before or after the landing. She and her husband's names have not yet been released. 

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