This Serial Killer Is Brazil's Answer To Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy

They keep telling us anger is bad. This is why. A serial killer who admits to murdering 39 people out of anger was arrested by police in Goias, Brazil.

Serial Killer

Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha, 26, doesn't only have the classic good looks to rival former mass murderers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, he also has a killing spree longer than both of them.

Police say that Rocha preyed on young women, homosexuals and homeless people, and did so when his feelings of anger at everything became uncontrollable. His violent outbursts of fury subsided only with the murder of someone innocent.

His mode of operation was confronting his victims as a mugger, and shooting them dead even if they comply with his demands. His tendency to then depart the crime scene without the victim's belongings is further proof that Rocha only had murder on his mind.

Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer

"[Rocha] felt anger at everything and everyone," said the local police chief, Deusny Aparecido."He had no link to any of his victims and chose them at random. It could have been me, you or your children."

He has confessed his crimes, but his lawyers are arguing that their client is innocent and that police coerced him into telling their version of the story. While law enforcement agencies in that part of the world are no angels, it seems unlikely that they would name a completely innocent person as the prime suspect in a case that is guaranteed to attract the world's attraction.

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